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Sciadopitys verticillata
Japanese umbrella-pine

Macaca fuscata
Japanese monkey

As most readers know well, "JAFF" is used for the first half of the reference numbers assigned to the national parks of "JA" land, namely Japan, in the WWFF amateur radio award program.
There are 32 national parks and 56 quasi-national parks as of March 24, 2016. Four research stations on Antarctica and one remote island are also in the current JAFF list.
Most of those parks have beautiful landscapes and diverse and rich vegetation. Since the land is developed well, it may be difficult for ordinary visitors to find many wild animals, but there are many of them in the remote parks and high mountains. We are proud of those natural heritages.


About JAFF

An award program for hunting and activating JAFF references was launched on August 8, 2016, by an organization formed by several active participants of the WWFF program in Japan.
It cannot be said now that JAFF activities are well known and popular in this country. The barrier of language is still high for most hams, it is not easy to find sites fit for radio operation in the mountainous or the coastal terrain in the parks and accesses to most parks are often congested by many visitors especially during weekends and holidays.
However, it is our hope that this website will attract more Japanese hams to JAFF activities, and they enjoy pileups from DX entities.


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